Commercial Inspections

We provide several levels of commercial inspections to suit your business needs and budget. Our inspections include:

Property Condition Assessments
PCAs are in-depth audits of the major components of commercial or industrial properties to identify their current condition, identify components that need immediate replacement or repair, and to estimate maintenance and/or replacement costs for a specified period, up to 5 years in the future. All PCAs are performed in accordance with ASTM E-2018-08.

Limited PCAs are tailored to an individual client’s needs and budget. Limited PCAs will typically identify current conditions of components of concern identified by the client and may or may not include repair, maintenance or replacement estimates. With a Limited PCA clients can chose which components to evaluate so that they can focus their maintenance dollars to their most pressing needs. Limited PCAs can also be used after an initial Commercial PCA to periodically update their maintenance and repair plans and schedules. All Limited PCAs are performed in accordance with ASTM E-2018-08.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are performed on business property (commercial or industrial) prior to purchase to identify existing or potential environmental conditions associated with the prospective purchase. If performed in accordance with ASTM E-1527, Phase I ESAs provide the buyer with landowner liability protection under CERCLA guidelines. If not performed prior to purchase, the buyer can be liable for all environmental cleanup costs associated with the property at any time in the future, even after selling the property. All Phase I ESAs are performed in accordance with ASTM E-1527-05.

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